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How to Make the Most of Our Integration with Resume-Library

Tracking potential candidates and maintaining a substantial database of resumes is always a challenging task for recruiters. To find the best fitting candidate, recruiters also have to search for passive candidates on different online platforms. Although in recent years, applicant tracking system and talent acquisition tools simplified the hectic and time-consuming hiring tasks, but it

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Top 7 Sourcing Tools for 2019

Most often people in the business use the term sourcing as an alternative for recruitment. Many of them also take the two terms to be the same. Yet, rarely do they understand that both of them are completely different concepts. There is a popular cliché often used in the HR industry, and it goes

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Top Most Awaited Staffing & Recruiting Conferences of 2019

The recruiting and staffing industry much like other business fields are constantly developing, everchanging, and taking on different trends. Subsequently, in order to stay connected to the industry as a recruiter or HR professional, you need to keep yourself updated regarding the latest happenings, innovations, technologies, and trends in the recruiting and staffing business

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How to use Sourcing Strategies to Attract Passive Candidates

There is no doubt that a majority of the ideal job candidates are usually already employed. These candidates are often known as the passive candidates and make it unusually challenging for the recruiters to source them.  Most importantly, when they are content with current jobs, they essentially wouldn’t submit applications against the open positions. However,

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