RecruitBPM Search

RecruitBPM provides powerful search tools that allow users to find required contacts, candidates or jobs data in the system.

There are two search areas within the system and each serves a different purpose.

Quick Search

This is the search feature which user can access by clicking on the search tab at the top left corner of every page in your account. You can use this to quickly navigate to a certain record. It will return results of any record type, not just candidates or jobs.

But if you select a specific module from the dropdown at left of search tab and type a search term, it will return results that contains matches related to selected module of companies, contacts, candidates or jobs. You can have a quick view of the candidate’s profile or job’s description from the quick action icons in the grid.

The results page displays upto 10 results per page. More extensive searches can be done with Storm Search feature of RecruitBPM.

Advanced Search

In advance search, RecruitBPM provides you the facility to search specific record/records from any module in the system. Click on Advanced Search from top of Dashboard to find out the required data. Advanced search page have all the modules listen on top to let the user access the desired option with single click.

For example, if you want to find a specific candidate you can open Candidate tab and click on Search Candidate. It will display multiple fields such as personal details, professional details, contact info and qualifications attributes. You can add few or all fields and hit on search button at the bottom to get the data you need for further processing. The search result page will provide single or multiple result list depending upon your search criteria. You can access the details of candidate by clicking on the name or from quick action icons.

Storm Search

RecruitBPM offers another outstanding feature Storm Search to search the desired candidate by using keywords like job title, skill set, location that you can find in a resume. In advanced search you can add basic keyword related to candidate resume in Storm Search field and click to get the list of results.

If you need to further narrow down the results, you can further add the filters fields given in left panel. By adding more keywords, it will filter the results according to added criterias. Sometime you need to filter the results based on the multiple keywords, By adding multiple keywords, the storm search will add up new keywords with applied one to shortlist the search results.

Proximity Filters

If you can not think of exact phrase that would match with desired results, you can use proximity filters to search for words that are in close proximity to each other. It will return any instances of the words related to the given phrase. You can add more than two terms to a string as well. If you utilize All of these words OR Exact Match, all the terms must be included within the total number of words you specified in the search string, regardless of their order. On the other hand, if you want to remove some phrases from the search results, you can add negative keywords in None of these field and eliminate the unwanted results from the list.

Search This Grid

On the top of all the data grids in the RecruitBPM platform, you can find the search fields to find different record types including pipelines, candidates, job orders, companies and contacts. You can use this facility to search the particular record type amon the data list.

Every module or datagrid have different type of fields or filter fields to be searched. You can add the required name, location, status or priority to filter out the huge amount of data. Adding search term and pressing enter will populate results in a list.

Along with top search fields, we also offer you quick icons to save the time and get what you wanted quickly. For example, you can see a magnifying glass icon in front of candidate name which indicates that a resume is present on that record. If you click on the icon, a quick preview will show in the system. This saves time from needing to download each and every resume to your computer in order to see them.

Status Filters

Status Filters allow you to filter out all the unwanted records by unchecking the options given in filter dropdown on top right of each grid. The drop down in filter allows you to select a fields that you want to search within. The results will change depending on the field type you’ve selected.

External Candidate Database Search

The exceptional search options in RecruitBPM allows recruiters to not only search the desired records of contacts or candidates within the application, but also provides the freedom of search potential candidates from external resources to boost the recruiting process. External candidate search feature allows users to access 2 huge databases of Indeed and Resume Library. Navigate to Candidate > Quick Actions search > Indeed Resume search / Resume Library Search

Select any of them will direct you to another window with search fields. On Indeed search page, you will need to enter Keywords you want to search, Radius of the area from which you want to search, Locations name and Country name to quickly narrow down the search results. Hitting Search button will display a list of searches with details under the search bar.

The search results contains the candidate name, location and details of skills, experience etc. according to the search keywords provided in the search bar. The more relevant or specified keywords you provide, the more relevant search results will appear for the potential candidates.


Same goes for the Resume library search which fetches the desired candidates from the resume library database. Fill the fields and click on search button to get the best matching candidates in the list.


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