How to use LinkMatch

LinkMatch is a revolutionary product in the world of recruitment. The LinkMatch Chrome extension automatically shows which LinkedIn profiles are in your RecruitBPM database.
That way you don’t have to manually check it for yourself, which makes it easier to connect with new candidates as soon as you discover them. You can also view and edit the profile information of the existing candidates directly from the LinkedIn page.

To get the LinkMatch extension, go to Google Chrome Web Store, type in “LinkMatch for RecruitBPM” and add the extension to Chrome. It is as simple as that.

Enabling the extension requires your login credentials for RecruitBPM. Once the Chrome extension is enabled, all your LinkedIn searches will show a green or red symbol next to all LinkedIn profiles. Green indicates that the profile is in your RecruitBPM system. Red indicates that the profile is not yet in your RecruitBPM database.

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