How to post to Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter

Job publishing lets you post jobs on several Integrated social media platforms. For recruiters this feature is a way of marketing the Job to attract applicants from major social media hubs.

From the Dashboard go to Jobs module. Against a Job click actions and select Publish/Unpublish. This will take you to Job Posting page. A list of available social media plugins and Job boards will open.

The first under Social Media is Facebook. First time user will see Authenticate upon clicking which will open a new tab and ask for the permissions to post. Save your preferences and head back to the Job posting page to select Facebook. This process is identical for authenticating and utilizing Twitter and LinkedIn, as well.

Posting on all Social media like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn requires you to pre-select Career Portal. So, when an applicant clicks on the post on the social network—the applicant should be taken to the Career Portal where all of the job details are available. They will be able to apply for the position directly from the Career Portal.

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