How to Build a Hot List

The Hot List is one of RecruitBPM’s most time-saving features. To create a Hot List go in the respective module such as Candidates. In the listing page, select candidates you want to include in the hot list. After selecting candidates by the radio buttons in start of each entity, click Hot List button on the listing atop next to actions drop down.

Clicking the hot list button will open a popup on the right side of the page with following of the three headings.

  1. Insert Hot List
  2. My hot listing
  3. Shared hot listing

Insert hot list

This field lets you type in hot list label and save the new label selection as an individual hot list every time. A radio button by the name of Public lets you make the hot list public upon selection and available to other users.

My hot listing

My hot listing section keeps logged in user’s saved hot listing in the respective module. The Candidates selection we made earlier will be saved into one of any labels in the My hot listing section.

Shared hot listing

Shared hot listing section lets you see all other user’s public hot lists in the respective modules. A user selection drop down lets you filter through the shared hot list by Users.

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