Fields Customization

Access level required: Site Administrator

RecruitBPM provide all the standard fields in profiles and record details. It also allow you to add custom ones as well to change how you manage the various record types available to you. Every user having customization access can Add, Edit or Delete the custom fields to tailor the platform according to business requirements.

Adding Custom fields

Custom fields can be added easily from the Administration section. They can be added with many types of data (dates, emails, optional questions, links or RecruitBPM Users, etc) and can be created for many different types of modules (candidates, job orders, contacts, etc) in the system.

To add a new fields, navigate to Administration > Customization > Fields Customization section in RecruitBPM. This section allows you full access to add custom fields in all system modules of RecruitBPM. You can see all the Modules tabs listed on this page. Thes tabs include the lists of custom fields from where you can Add or change the added fields. To create a new field, just click on the desired module tab and click Add Field button.

Clicking on Add Field will open a window which allows you to create an appropriate Name for the field and select a Field Type you need to specify for new field. Text, Date, Multiple Choice, Dropdown, Radios, Website and email are the options from which you can select the relate type. will require you to enter selections before saving your field. To save your field, click on Save button.
Once you have added the field, it will appear in the listing of available custom fields to utilize in your record profiles.

Edit and Delete

If you want to make any changes to created field, you can click on the name of field listed on the page to make the changes and hit save button.
Similarly ike edit, you can simple delete the created field from the listing.

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