Creating Hot List

Creating Hotlist is one of RecruitBPM’s most time-saving features. User can avail this feature in all modules of the system including pipeline, company, contact, candidates, vendors, placements and goals and quotas. Clicking the hot list button on top of any data grid will open a popup on the right side of the page. You will see Hotlist tab which contains a list of existing Hotlists. Incase this window is empty, it means there is no existing hotlist and you can create a new one.

Create hot list

You can create new hotlist of candidates, contacts, companies etc. to separate most suitable and matching for your requirements. Creating hotlist is simple by clicking on Add Label button on the top right of this window This field lets you type in hot list label and save the new label selection as an individual hot list every time. A radio button by the name of Public lets you make the hot list public upon selection and available to other users.
Your created new hotlist keeps the desired records saved for later steps. The records selection we made earlier will be saved into one of any labels in the hot listing section. You can see public and private hotlists in the same listing.

Adding Candidates to hot list

Although users can create, view and utilize hot lists in all modules of RecruitBPM, but in this article we are explaining to create a Hot List of most suitable candidates. Open Candidates module to select candidates you want to include in the hot list and click the checkboxes in start of each entity. Open the Hotlist window by clicking Hot List button on the listing atop next to actions drop down. Select the hot list to which you want to add the selected candidate and click on Save. It will add up the candidates to the list and you can view it by clicking on the label of hotlist.

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