Creating and managing tags

Users can organize their data of candidates, contacts and companies effectively by using Tags in RecruitBPM to easily identify and sort records based on the tag categories. You can create custom Tags, combine them with other multiple tags and can apply on all types of records.

Adding Tags

Users can add Tags to records in multiple ways:

  1. User can add tags to multiple records by selecting them within a grid and using the Actions dropdown to select Add tags.
  2. User can add tags to a single record from record detail page by clicking on the Tag tab at the upper right hand corner.
  3. User can add a tag from the detail preview window in a grid by clicking on the preview icon in the upper right hand corner and selecting

All tags will appear within a record’s profile detail page under the Tag tab.

Searching with Tags

User can access all tags for RecruitBPM system from the Tag icon in the upper right hand corner of any major record grid. Select the tags to filter or create new tags and create new categories for those tags.

You can select the tags from the previously added tag options against a record to categories it for later sorting and searching purpose. You can search for tags to use by typing a tag name into the Filter tags field. User can select or number of tags to narrow down the search upto optimed level. You can then hit Filter to commit the search to the current grid.

Managing Tags

To manage the added tags user can add/edit/delete a tag or category from Manage tab within Assign Tag tab. Opening the tab shown in above figure will display all the tag management options. User can add a new category by clicking on the Add Category link in the upper right corner, or add a new tag to a category by clicking on the Add Tag below the Add category button. You can also edit the tag category name by clicking on the pencil icon next, and delete tags/categories from the X icon next to the tags. We can also add/ mange tags from individual records clicking on binocular icon.

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