How to Configure Bulk Email

You can’t make mass mailing feature up and running until you complete following two steps
  • Add valid domain only in Bulk Email Configuration e.g
  • Enter domain without “https://” and “www”
  • Go to Administration->Bulk Email->Configure->Enable and add your Domain.

  • How Do I Verify my Domain (where my website is hosted)
Once you have added your domain to Mailgun in RecruitBPM you need to add DNS records to verify your domain.
Open your DNS provider and add the Values found in your control panel.
  • The two TXT records needed to verify your domain are listed under the sending section.
  • If you want Mailgun to track clicks and opens you also need to add the CNAME record.
  • MX records should also be added for optimal deliverability unless you already have MX records for your domain pointed at another email service provider.
  • Once you’ve added the records and they’ve propagated your domain will be verified.

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