Publish and advertise jobs

Job Publishing and Social Recruiting

One of the most useful and effective ways to make a great hire is to reaching out to the right candidates. Now, have a quick and easy access to millions of job applicants all over the world along with managing your job advertising through one platform.

Post to Free Job Boards

To attract an increased number of candidates the easier way is to post a job on multiple job boards. RecruitBPM applicant tracking system now integrates with a large number of free job boards like ZipRecruiter, Indeed and Glassdoor. It enables the recruiters to post the jobs with just one-click through our recruiting platform.

RecrutiBPM’s automatic interface responds promptly to guide you through the job publishing process. This helps the recruiters to post a job faster while making sure that the job boards’ important conditions are fulfilled.

Free Job Boards

RecruitBPM Premium Job Boards

RecruitBPM applicant tracking software has integrations with premium job boards which let you promote your job-ads. This, in return, increases the job visibility and attracts the most appropriate candidates.

With RecrutiBPM you can easily connect with your existing job boards accounts. While using the already purchased slots in these accounts, you can get approval for the job boards that are compatible with your target industry.

RecruitBPM is the one platform through which you can manage all your accounts to simplify and boost up your job advertising.


Social Media Recruiting

To recruit the best candidates had always been a challenge for the recruiters. However, using social media networks for recruiting has proven to be a plus. A majority of the businesses have been joining online groups and different platforms to track down the applicants the easier and faster way.

RecruitBPM partners with different social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to let you discover more potential candidates. Other than the job boards, these social media networks are a great means to post and advertise your job positions.

Social Media Recruiting

Job Posting on Facebook

Marketing your business through Facebook to the target audience means that you are also connecting with the passive candidates. Besides marketing, you can use this social networking sites to your advantage in hiring the top talent. All you need to do is to add a jobs tab to your company’s Facebook Page. Most of the integrations, it is a quite simple one as you don’t need any coding for it. Your job post will be automatically updated each time you publish a job through RecruitBPM platform.

Job Sharing with Social Media

With RecruitBPM integration to social media networks, you can easily post your job-ads through one platform. Connecting to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, it enables you to increase your reach to company pages, newsfeeds, different recruiting groups, and communities. The best part is that, for social recruiting you don’t have to go on all these social networking sites individually.

Make your jobs viral

While you are posting a job on a social networking site, RecruitBPM creates a short link for that particular job post. Once the link is generated, it gets easier for you to share it with different groups and communities, creating a social referral for your job openings.

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