Applicant Tracking Systems Features | RecruitBPM ATS
Mobile Recruiting

Mobile Recruiting

Access your valuable data of RecruitBPM ATS/CRM from anywhere on the go to recruit flexibly. Now you can assess candidate profiles, check interview schedule, conclude scorecards and communicate with candidates straight from your mobile.

Contact/ Job Order/ Candidate Management

RecruitBPM is mobile optimized to let you analyze your data, connect with your contacts or candidates and track your progress from everywhere.

iPad™ Supported Web Interface

Get the most of RecruitBPM on your iPad with our responsive web UI, and manage your daily activities or access required details comfortably during corporate meetings and interviews.

RecruitBPM iPhone™ App

Connect with your most important RecruitBPM contacts or hunt the most fitting candidates with our iPhone App. Click the badge to get RBPM on the App Store™ (For Customers Only)

RecruitBPM is a free applicant tracking system and end-to-end recruitment management platform that helps companies optimize their hiring process. See why we're one of the top applicant tracking systems.

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