Ask any job search expert and they’ll tell you there are better times than others during the year, or season, or even a given day to search for jobs. However, there are far fewer certainties when it comes to the best times to hire. While general hiring trends exist — don’t try to hire around the holidays, or peak hiring occurs in early Spring and late Fall — those generally follow the trends of budgeting, financial quarters, holidays, and when job seekers are most active. Monster’s senior contributing writer, John Rossheim, breaks down the trends of annual hiring cycles into four quarters. Rossheim concluded that January, February, September, and October are the best months for hiring.

So, what about netting more quality candidates? Or choosing to hire against the grain, in order to stand above the noise? At least for hiring on mobile, we at Switch App discovered some of the ideal times to hire qualified and in-demand candidates. Using a combination of proprietary data from our own mobile hiring app and the mobile hiring space in general, we determined that some times of day, month, and year take precedent over others when it comes to posting jobs and reviewing candidates.

Determining the Best Times to Hire…

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