New talent sourcing techniques and technologies are in demand . In a recent webinar of Jobvite entitled: “The Art & Science of Sourcing: A Virtual Round Table”, the landscape of recruiting and talent sourcing has changed drastically. Application tracking technologies are becoming more and more in demand. This article discusses how talent sourcing practices are evolving and making recruiting smarter.

Happy Monday! Here’s a round-up of all the most interesting news that RecruitBPM has shared with our social media community recently. We’ll keep it short, but sweet and packed full of useful information.

Is Education-Based Recruiting Dying?

This is a question that is being asked by more and more hiring managers, recruiters, and employers. Besides the jobs that require intense schooling (doctors, engineers, and lawyers, for example), many positions can be adequately filled by candidates who are self-taught, trained on the job, or have non-traditional education. This article by Rachel at posits that recruiters who disqualify candidates based on their education background might be missing out on recruiting some high-quality candidates.

How the digital era changed Talent sourcing

The digital age has affected nearly every aspect of most industries, and that is certainly true when it comes to sourcing. This in-depth exploration of The 9 Ways The Digital Era Has Impacted Talent Sourcing, by Marvin Smith at ERE Media, extensively covers how sourcers and recruiters have transitioned into the new age of online recruiting.


Google Spends How much on Talent Sourcing?

Wow. This, albeit far from scientific, article suggests that Google spends upwards of $50 million a year on sourcing talent alone. To understand how Ninh Tran and Steven Jiang came up with that number, and to find out why Google spends that much on Talent Sourcing, you’ll have to read the article. It’s well worth it.


Body Language and Interviewing

You can spend all the time in the world studying for you job interview. You can prepare for any question the interviewer has for you, and you can come up with perfect answers for all hot-button topics thrown your way. However, your efforts can be totally derailed. We’re not talking about the way you dress (though you should always dress to impress) – we’re talking about body language. This article perfectly sums up the importance of posture and attitude before, during, and after you meet with a hiring manager or recruiter.


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