Round Up Recruiting Unwritten Rules In 2022, And More!

2022 is here! Below is a shortlist of the most important articles we shared on social media this week. Give it a read, and don’t forget to subscribe to RecruitBPM blog posts if you haven’t yet!

The Unwritten Rules of Recruiting

“When you’re a recruiter, you’re always only as good as your last placement.” Harsh, but true words from Nicole Smart at Recruiting Daily. In her article, Can’t Knock The Hustle: Revealing The Unwritten Recruiter Rulebook, Smart discusses the importance of building a recruiter brand. She then dives into the heart of her article where she discusses the unwritten rules of recruiting. These include the importance of transparency, and the necessity for a recruiter to “give a crap,” among others. It’s a long read, but well worth your time.

Employee Engagement In 2022

The great people over at decided to jumpstart their 2022 by asking nine experts for advice on how to improve employee engagement. By acknowledging that there is a general problem in the workforce regarding employee engagements. Tips from 9 Employee Engagement Tips to Kick off the New Year Right offers tips that range from “appreciate your employees – all the time” to “give your employees autonomy.”

Talent Surprises That Could Ruin Your Year

ERE Media hosts a guest article written by Dr. John Sullivan titled The Top 5 Talent Surprises That Could Spoil Your 2022. While that title sounds a little depressing, the information the article contains is incredibly valuable. Make sure your 2022 remains unspoiled by clicking the link and perusing Sullivan’s article.

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