There are many factors that impact business performance and one of them is recruiting. This article covers the tremendous value that comes from adding “risk management” to recruitment. Now you are probably thinking, “I’m in recruiting, why on earth would I read an article about risk management?”

Well, first off because risk management would reveal the outputs or results of a company’s recruitment practices, when they are below standard, have the highest negative impact on corporate business results (the complete list can be found below). Also, when you quantify risk impacts, you automatically know the areas within recruiting that should be prioritized. Knowing the total impact and cost of recruitment in dollars allows you to build a stronger business case and to negotiate for more resources. I estimate that adding risk management to recruitment increases overall budget by as much as 20 percent.

Recruiting Has a History of Not Being Businesslike, and Business People Calculate Risks

In my corporate work, I have found that one of the primary reasons why recruitment practices is underfunded and underappreciated is because…

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