Why RecruitBPM’s Applicant Tracking System is Secure to Use

Advancement in technology has made access to information a lot easier. Greater access to information has also opened doors to unparalleled security threats that can disrupt our information systems and bring out private information in the open. Disclosing of private information not only causes great harm to the privacy of the individuals but also casts a huge doubt on the integrity of the organization.

With numerous hacking attacks and security breaches across the globe now a reality facing a whole host of organizations it is of immense importance that organizations take every precaution possible to minimize these threats and associated risks emanating from these attacks.

Recruitment firms are also under the microscope; having access to a large database was confidential information regarding the applicants is stored; the firms have a legal, moral and ethical responsibility to ensure that their applicants’ private information is not compromised. Furthermore, ensuring that the stored information is not compromised in any way possible will also help in ensuring that your organization’s integrity and reputation are intact helping to build applicants trust in your brand and the services that you offer.

Recruiting agencies are increasingly looking towards implementing Application Tracking System (ATS) in their organizations to help not only store but also make sense of the applicant data helping them shortlist the best candidates for their clients.  There is a lot of focus on what features a specific ATS can offer and the subsequent value that it will bring to their organization. Yet more often than not numerous ATS in the market fail to address the security needs necessary for an ATS. Either the ATS on offer by the company will have no security feature embedded in the system or have no idea on the importance the security features hold for the ATS and the organization implementing it.

RecruitBPM understands the increased security risk in today’s rapidly evolving technological world and provides customized security features that will help prevent your organization from unauthorized access to your applicant database.  These features include User Management which helps manage all your users in your RecruitBPM account, deactivate or delete users who are no longer part of your team or the company account. This ensures that only active and relevant authorized person has access to the database ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of your applicant’s data.

The second feature offered by RecruitBPM is the Role Based Security for each specific user; ensuring that the system easily provides access to different users based on their role and ensure data is accessible to users based on the organization’s hierarchy. A recruitment firm has much personnel looking after the candidates’ portfolio but not everyone is privy to all the information regarding the applicant. In order to ensure that only relevant personnel has access to information, they are required to know; Role-Based Security is crucial in ensuring that the organization’s hierarchy is closely adhered to.

Finally, the Hiring Managers must have access to information that they require. They should not be bombarded with irrelevant information that is not essential to the hiring decision. RecruitBPM ensures the Hiring Manager has customized access to relevant information vital for making the decision of whether to hire an applicant or not? This customized access ensures that only relevant information goes up the organization ensuring that nothing related to the candidate gets leaked or is misused.

In order to win the trust of the applicants and your clients, it is essential that your organization can ensure that the information it has stored is kept out of reach of unauthorized individuals helping to provide a secure platform where sharing of information can facilitate in building a greater trust in your brand.


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