Learn why RecruitBPM is one of the top-ranked companies among many Applicant Tracking Systems

When it comes to top applicant tracking software on the market today, according to the G2 Crowd’s Momentum Report, RecruitBPM is ranked as #18 in momentum. RecruitBPM’s rapid enhancements and continuous upgrades, helped it make giant strides from top 100 to top 20 ATS among the market leaders.

What it means and why is it important?

The #18 ranking signifies that RecruitBPM’s scores have improved tremendously up to the top 20 applicant tracking system based on the Momentum Score, that is a combination of different factors including a measure of:

  • employee growth
  • review growth
  • social growth
  • web growth
  • satisfaction score
  • customer satisfaction based on reviews

According to the report, RecruitBPM’s Moment Score is 44, while Satisfaction Score is 70 and Momentum Grid Score is 54 among the top 100 applicant tracking solution included in the report. Moreover, RecruitBPM’s social growth and the ranking is also increasing day by day as it is shown in the report that according to Alexa Web Ranking RecruitBM receives 5,230,321 web traffic. For more details about the factors of ranking and RecruitBPM’s fast-paced improvement, check out the G2 Crowd’s reviews and Winter report 2019.

The organizations that are continuously in search of high-quality recruiting software are rapidly turning to RecuitBPM to assist them to go beyond ordinary ATS software and into the advanced future of the talent management industry.

Momentum Grid Methodology

G2 Crowd has rated the applicant tracking systems based on reviews from their user community as well as data collected from online sources and social media networks. They have applied a unique algorithm (v3.0) to this data to calculate the Satisfaction scores in real time. The Momentum Grid for ATS is based on scores calculated utilizing the G2 Crowd Satisfaction algorithm v3.0 and the G2 Crowd algorithm v1.0 from reviews gathered through November 21, 2018.

What makes RecruitBPM different?

RecruitBPM is different from other Applicant Tracking Solutions due to its user-friendly and easily customizable features. It’s frequent updates and increasing integrations with valuable tools make it more adaptable for progressing companies. A majority of the users like that its Standard Edition is offered to them for free for a lifetime which covers most of their hiring and recruiting needs.

“Finally, an all-in-one ATS & CRM at an affordable price. 19 years in the business made me understand the importance of technology for optimized recruitment. After months of researching, I had discovered RecruitBPM as a 100% scalable, affordable, and KPI-driven ATS.”

Sean M Hill

Managing Partner, Talent Acquisition

The Mason Group

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