The first thing a new company or startup looks to when it intends to start a journey is to look out for the best resources for their setup. This is also the case when the organization is looking to restructure or overhaul its operations.


Recruiting the best resources for those that are especially starting out their new ventures can be quite difficult due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, most of the times best resources want to work for the established companies in the industry. Secondly, a new company often struggles to match the standard industry rate for the available resources. Thirdly, simply setting up a system to even shortlist the best available talent can be very costly.

Implementation of new technological tools such as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for your organization will really help to setup your company with the chance of not only identifying the best resources but also having a short at making the identified resources a part of your organization.

Where would you find an ATS that will provide you all the necessary tools essential to make the best recruitment?  Does the ATS offer a candidate management system, helping to manage the entire candidate lifecycle from receiving a resume to making a hire all through a click of a button?

Will the ATS quickly match candidates with roles matching their qualification and skill set; job management is crucial for making the best possible recruitment. Furthermore, will the ATS offer the facility to filter resumes matching your identified criteria that is easy to use and manage via advanced resume search?

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Is social recruiting possible through the ATS? Now days resume is just not enough to decipher candidates potential, you need to look at what he or she can offer in order to gain insights into his or her skill level and aptitude.

A career portal, email integrationmobile access with customized security access is a must in any ATS. Any ATS not offering these features will almost be redundant in today’s recruiting landscape. On top of all this it is extremely important that all the data gleaned from these tools can be analyzed through customizable dashboards and reports.

Is there an ATS out there giving you all this? If so, how much would it cost? Surely, an ATS offering so much would mean that your organization will never require another ATS for their recruitment needs. Let’s say we happen to find an ATS that offers all the above discussed features, can your organization afford such a system. Usually a system offering premium features is very expensive.

RecruitBPM offers you this unique solution that contains all the premium features of any ATS in the market place with the added plus of being a totally scalable system which can be molded to meet the requirements of your organization no matter which stage of its development life cycle it may be.  We guarantee that you won’t need  another recruiting system for your organization after implementing RecruitBPM for your recruitment needs.

What really sets apart RecruitBPM from other systems in the market is the price that you have to pay to get the best features. So what is the price that your organization would have to pay to access these premium features? The answer is zero, yes zero. RecruitBPM doesn’t charge a penny for all these features, making it the best system for your recruitment needs that doesn’t even make the slightest of dent on your budget. In order to make use of this great offer to access the system and all its premium features for free, click the schedule demo button below and solve all your recruiting problems once and for all.

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