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Top 6 Recruiting Trends to Know to Hire Top Talent

A couple of things can be more disappointing to an HR professional than recruiting and onboarding the “perfect hire” only come to realize that the applicant was not a good fit after all. Exasperation apart, recruiting the wrong applicant is expensive for the companies. In reality, as stated by a recent survey, 66% of

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Learn why RecruitBPM is one of the top-ranked companies among many Applicant Tracking Systems

When it comes to top applicant tracking software on the market today, according to the G2 Crowd’s Momentum Report, RecruitBPM is ranked as #18 in momentum. RecruitBPM’s rapid enhancements and continuous upgrades, helped it make giant strides from top 100 to top 20 ATS among the market leaders. What it means and why is it

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Hiring Trends that will Help Recruiters Win the War for Talent

Last year recruiters had to battle an incredibly competitive hiring landscape, a shortage of IT talent and sky-rocketing salaries for in-demand roles. Those trends are likely to continue into 2018 as recruiters continue to adapt to the high-demand, low supply hiring landscape. Candidate and Employee Experiences Companies have always created marketing experiences for customers, and prospects, in

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Progressive and flexible companies are always on the lookout for factors that help them stay ahead of their competition. Be it in the field of marketing, production, technology or the company’s own workforce. Recruiting software trends in 2017 Heading into 2017, many companies are expecting hiring volumes to increase considerably – which means they need

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