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Hire the Best Talent with Social Recruiting

  Organizations, particularly B2B companies, are constantly on the lookout to add valuable resources to their workforce that can help drive them from strength to strength. In order to get the best resource for their organization recruitment drives, specific job postings and various other engagement activities will be initiated. Yet at the end of it, […]

The importance of having a Career Portal on your website

One way of establishing your company‚Äôs presence on the internet is through the posting of jobs that might become available in your company. In fact, the jobs that do become available can offer great insight into the way your organization is going forward and projecting itself to numerous people it engages with. Furthermore, the nature […]


There is no denying the fact that social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter has completely changed the way we think, communicate, interact, and do business. This is one of the main reason why top recruiters are now using such tools for hiring. According to recent survey, more than 2.1 billion people are using social […]

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