RecruitBPM Integrates with Indeed

    All the chit chats on tracking the applicants through different software and apps may have blurred the significance of online recruiting resources particularly the job boards. Even though, if you have outstanding recruiting tools, the importance of using a job board still standout. It is important for a company to use various recruiting […]

Hiring Trends that will Help Recruiters Win the War for Talent

Last year recruiters¬†had to battle an incredibly competitive hiring landscape, a shortage of IT talent and sky-rocketing salaries for in-demand roles. Those trends are likely to continue into 2018 as recruiters continue to adapt to the high-demand, low supply hiring landscape.     Candidate and Employee Experiences Companies have always created marketing experiences for customers, […]

Candidate Experience and its impact on your brand

  Candidates are no longer dispensable pieces that the organization can throw away after having them go through their recruitment process. With digital age well and truly upon us the voice of everyone truly matters. You may never know what someone might say that can shape the image of your brand and the potential impact […]

7 habits of highly successful recruiters

Recruiters are more often than not at odds at deciding whether a particular resource is worthwhile or can add value to their organization. It is not uncommon to see that there is a disparity when valuing the credentials of a resource. Moreover, it begs the question why some recruiters easily ascertain the worth of a […]


Any seasoned HR professional will tell you that communication is the axle around which the wheel of recruitment spins.¬† Recruiting is by and large a communication centric process and any recruiter worth their salt spends the majority of their time establishing solid communication lines between themselves, the clients and candidates. Communication is the key to […]

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