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Text Recruiting has Become More Important During COVID-19

Communicating with the Candidates as well as with the Customers has become more complicated in the wake of COVID-19. While keeping in the ordeals many organizations have to go through during their hiring process, RecruitBPM is here to offer the right solutions to speed up and bring ease to their recruiting process. Fortunately, when it

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Ways in which ATS & CRM improves Return on Investment (ROI): Optimize your Recruitment Process

With so much disruption in every industry due to technological changes and other factors; the recruitment process has also been affected by these changes. The industries that have prospered have done so because they have evolved along with these changes. They have brought in tools and technologies that have given them the necessary platform

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Candidate Experience: An Important Aspect of Recruitment

optimized candidate experience

Candidate’s experience throughout with your staffing firm for a candidate Hiring plays a vital role in your  Staffing business today. About 60% of candidates have had substandard experiences while applying for a job in Staffing firms or in corporate businesses. Engaging candidates is not an easy task but it becomes even more difficult if candidates

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Why your ATS needs a CRM: Keys to Relationship Centric Recruiting

Technology has simplified numerous processes when it comes to recruiting. But with recruiting becoming more and more of a relationship-building exercise where you try to identify the best talent and ultimately convince them to join your organization; has put forth questions such as which technological tools should a company use in order to fully

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Candidate Experience and its Impact on Your Brand

Candidates are no longer dispensable pieces that the organization can throw away after having them go through their recruitment process. With the digital age well and truly upon us, the voice of everyone truly matters. You may never know what someone might say that can shape the image of your brand and the potential

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9 Steps to Measure the Effectiveness of the Recruiting Process

You already know about the recruiting metrics that you need to measure for 2019. Now, it’s time to have a look at the steps that can be useful for creating robust recruiting pipelines along with measuring and boosting its productivity. Establish Existing and Prospective Needs Prior to beginning the recruiting, you need to recognize

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HR Tech Conference 2019

Being the industry’s most important independent event for more than 20 years, HR Tech offers an unbeatable and revolutionary agenda for HR and IT experts from businesses of all sizes! With a key focus on initiating HR success with the help of technology, the HR Technology Conference is planned for those counting on constantly

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8 Recruiting Metrics to Measure in 2019

It is quite obvious you may not be able to understand what works for your business and what doesn’t if you are not measuring the metrics. Similarly recruiting metrics are the solution to evaluating your recruitment process performance. It is quite significant to have assessable recruiting objectives and precise data that enables you to

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5 Trends to Change the Recruiting Industry

For many years the recruiting industry had been quite stable with the recruiters rendering them complete control over the hiring process. The stages had been very simple: identify an open position, advertise it, screen candidates, schedule interviews and negotiate an offer. Though we witnessed the initial waves of changes with the advent of online

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Top 5 Strategies to Improve Diversity in Recruiting

Since employees’ demographics change and international markets develop, company diversity moves closer to turning into a corporate requirement in place of a banner that corporations do wave to display their obligation to accepting differences and change. Workers gain tangible and intangible advantages from company benefits, not the minimum of which involves respect from colleagues

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