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Why RecruitBPM is the Best Applicant Tracking System for Startups

why recruitbpm is best applicant tracking system and crm for startups

Resource Management is one of the biggest challenges early on, for any startup and undoubtedly at the heart of it is, hiring. Getting the right people, at the right time, plays a significant role in how a startup progresses and evolves, whichever industry it may be in. Most startups aren’t using an applicant tracking

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Why your ATS needs a CRM: Keys to Relationship Centric Recruiting

Technology has simplified numerous processes when it comes to recruiting. But with recruiting becoming more and more of a relationship-building exercise where you try to identify the best talent and ultimately convince them to join your organization; has put forth questions such as which technological tools should a company use in order to fully

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Get Your HR Analytics Right with RecruitBPM’s ATS and CRM

With so much HR data to contend with, it is often difficult for firms to make sense of what the data is exactly telling us. Firms have a whole team aligned towards making sense of the HR data. Yet with so many resources devoted to deciphering key insights from the available data using a

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5 Trends to Change the Recruiting Industry

For many years the recruiting industry had been quite stable with the recruiters rendering them complete control over the hiring process. The stages had been very simple: identify an open position, advertise it, screen candidates, schedule interviews and negotiate an offer. Though we witnessed the initial waves of changes with the advent of online

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Top 5 Strategies to Improve Diversity in Recruiting

Since employees’ demographics change and international markets develop, company diversity moves closer to turning into a corporate requirement in place of a banner that corporations do wave to display their obligation to accepting differences and change. Workers gain tangible and intangible advantages from company benefits, not the minimum of which involves respect from colleagues

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5 Easy Ways to Improve your Global Recruiting Strategy

There’s no doubt that all developing and successful international businesses require a solid pipeline of qualified talent. Applying best-recruiting practices will be useful for you to create a high-volume talent pipeline on which your international business depends. Recruiting is already quite difficult, and global organizations have extra complications and processes to follow. An applicant

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Top 10 ATS Features You Must Have

Talented jobseekers identify and go for a practical and advanced recruiting process. As the human resources professional, you must have such recruiting software which is feature-rich, so you can easily connect with the top talent. To engage your perfect candidates and grow your productivity as a recruiter, here are ten major features that you

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RecruitBPM Integrates with CareerJet

It’s a well-known fact that when companies are looking for candidates to fill their vacancies, one of the most famous tools to go for, are the job boards. In fact, the job boards are very useful and flexible for both the recruiters and job seekers. Additionally, with the fast-paced technological innovations, job boards

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What Benefits an Applicant Tracking System offers for Better Recruitment

The increasing amount of unemployment sparked by the large-scaled passive economy has resulted in such circumstances where the recruiters very frequently have to sift through hundreds of thousands of the job applications and candidate resumes, from which only a few are qualified ones. Conversely, as a hiring professional there are still opportunities for

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RecruitBPM Integrates with WorkHound

The recruitment industry has gone through revolutionizing changes due to online recruiting which is equally beneficial for both employers and job seekers. When it comes to quick hiring, going for online recruitment is the right choice as it helps the employers to reach the potential talent quickly. Online recruitment has become a crucial

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