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What Benefits an Applicant Tracking System offers for Better Recruitment

    The increasing amount of unemployment sparked by the large-scaled passive economy has resulted in such circumstances where the recruiters very frequently have to sift through hundreds of thousands of the job applications and candidate resumes, from which only a few are qualified ones. Conversely, as a hiring professional there are still opportunities for […]

RecruitBPM made to top 100 Industry-Winning Applicant Tracking Software

    The RecruitBPM team is proud to announce that leading business software review website FinancesOnline has recognized our innovative business process management tool for simplifying one’s hiring processes and enabling users to effortlessly take “total control” of the entire candidate lifecycle. In acknowledgment of the intuitive functionalities and increasing popularity of RecruitBPM on the […]

Improve Your Candidate Experience with RecruitBPM’s ATS

    If the candidates are having a negative experience with your job application process, it clearly indicates that either you are not an applicant tracking system user or you have no idea how to utilize your ATS to its full extent. A strong and reliable applicant tracking software can convert your hiring process into […]

RecruitBPM ‘s New Improved Candidates “Storm Search”

  When you start to fill in the opening positions in your company, the most powerful tool at your disposal to look for the candidates is your company’s database. But, unfortunately, only a few of the Recruiters use it to their advantage. In fact, employers force their HR department to use the company databases. The […]

Why RecruitBPM’s Applicant Tracking System is Secure to Use

Advancement in technology has made access to information a lot easier. Greater access to information has also opened doors to unparalleled security threats that can disrupt our information systems and bring out private information in the open. Disclosing of private information not only causes great harm to the privacy of the individuals but also casts […]


Recruiting companies are constantly trying various things to appeal top talent. Not all of them work as expected but some do. Here you will read about some of the best and newest techniques used by top recruiters to find quality resource. 1.Hire People Not Skills There is a famous saying “hire people, not skills”, this […]


Business owners around the world know that employees are their most valuable asset within their company. For a company that is fast growing in number, managing their applicant data is considered most important thing to do in order to optimize their recruitment process. In such cases applicant tracking system is a must have tool for […]

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