What Benefits an Applicant Tracking System offers for Better Recruitment



The increasing amount of unemployment sparked by the large-scaled passive economy has resulted in such circumstances where the recruiters very frequently have to sift through hundreds of thousands of the job applications and candidate resumes, from which only a few are qualified ones. Conversely, as a hiring professional there are still opportunities for you to make the recruitment easier and more competent through the implementation of an applicant tracking system (ATS) in order to find out and hire the most suitable candidate. If you go in for an applicant tracking system, it will provide you with many essential benefits.

Below we have given some major reasons and benefits to help you in selecting an applicant tracking software for your hiring process:

Why Adopt an Applicant Tracking System?

You must be wondering of what use can be an applicant tracking system and how it can help in your hiring process? This online software is available to us for certain reasons – to make the recruiting tasks and process more capable and make our lives more easy-going. An applicant tracking software can specifically do it for any hiring professional, it is of great use when you actually give importance to your time and want to hire the best talent with the resourceful means.

Help the Recruiters in their Tasks

Utilizing an applicant tracking system let you automate your hiring process. With an automated recruitment process, you can easily find the best applicants and it will also take less time to hire the candidates. Various features of an applicant tracking software such as resume parsing, online job posting, and interview scheduling significantly lessen the level of manual work and fields related to searching for the best candidate. With this kind of advantage, you can easily give your time to several other hiring purposes.

Optimize Recruiting through Social Media

Your applicant tracking system can help to keep tabs on the social media activities, streamline the social sharing and assist in managing the email templates efficiently. This eventually facilitates the hiring professionals to quickly discover the potential candidates who most probably might be a suitable match for an open position in any company. The best part about this is that you can accomplish the objectives instantaneously, as it gives a recruiter or hiring manager a quick access to a detailed and complete analysis of the prospective talent.

Keep the Candidates Engaged

As the technologies are improving day by day, people are getting more selective and so are the candidates. According to a research, it is indicated that approximately 40% of applicants are inclined to discard their applications in the middle of the process, given if the organizations are unsuccessful to optimize their hiring process for mobile platforms. At such a stage, using an applicant tracking software is proven to be very helpful. Ever since this recruiting software happens to be mobile-friendly, you will be getting an increased follow-up rate.

Improved Candidate Experience

With reference to the candidates being selective, if they are not provided with regular updates concerning their applications’ statuses, it is quite possible they will not be interested in the process anymore. This could happen to at least one-third of the candidates. For hiring personnel, it can be very difficult to manually keep track and respond to a huge amount of resumes. Nonetheless, using an applicant tracking system can streamline your hiring process by automating both responses to candidates and social job postings, consequently, getting one thing off of your list to worry about.

Furthermore, an applicant tracking software helps to make your hiring process more compliant, protecting your organization against governmental lawsuits and inspections. It is also very useful in lessening the employee turnover rate and increase employee retention ratio by discovering the best suitable candidate for a job, who is most likely to stay for a long-term with your company and is reliable.

Keeping in mind all the benefits of using an applicant tracking system, it is an intelligent proposition to invest in recruiting software to be successful in the present competing business scenario.

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