When someone asks you “what is the best way to keep your best employee happy?” Most probably you would say two words “increase compensation” but there are a lot of other factors as well that holds a key to keep best employees at bay from competitors.

Foster Clear Career Paths

After financial benefits, an opportunity to grow, learn and develop, is considered the second biggest attraction for most working people. A common thought of every person is “Where do I go from here?” or “Where will I be in five to ten years?” We also know that grass looks greener from the other side but if the employer satisfies these thoughts then most of the employees will be happy to stay with the company rather than jump the ship. Those employees who are loyal to the company should be rewarded as well in terms of healthy bonuses and appreciation.

Recruiting agencies usually hire people for a particular set of tasks, which makes their job a bit harder if the employee wants to switch to another position within the company later on in career. However, this movement has its share of advantages as well, because talented people can add to their knowledge and skills set.

Nurture Connections and Relationships

There is no denying with this famous saying that “people leave bosses and not companies”, but another strong reason for joining or staying are the connections they may have developed with people working within the organization.

Not only it is important that you find ways to connect your team but also try to make the office look more interesting and engaging so that people don’t get bored easily. One thing that facilitates the connection process is through reinforcing the collaborative work through recognition. When team member start building up a habit of encouraging others and at the same time appreciating others, it develops a virtuous circle of gratitude. This positive behavior allows the team to put greater effort in their work because they know it will be appreciated.

A simple “thank you” can work wonders and also doubles the chances your co-worker will assist you in future tasks.

Define and Encourage Deeper Purpose

Equally important is the fact that your co-workers has the sense of purpose, which is sometimes missing. If you know the work you are doing is really important, you tend to make extra effort to complete it with a greater sense of purpose.

When each and every member of the company understands his purpose and the role he is supposed to perform within the company. He not only achieves his business goals but also supports the company’s overall infrastructure. It’s a manager’s duty to explain to every team member how important their job means for the company, company’s products and eventually for their customers. One must understand that no job can be considered unimportant, if it’s worth paying for than it’s important.


Communication alone holds a powerful key to keep hold of your best employees, if someone recognizes your efforts and appreciates your work it immediately gives you a boost and inspires you to work even harder next time.

Every employee is different as they have different needs to one another. It is important that you develops a sense of trust and loyalty. This is the best advice one could offer to keep your best employees other than compensation that you can offer. Recruiting agencies these days keep all these things in mind during their search of a new employee.

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