Companies and recruiting agencies, when trying to hire new resources, often overlook the process that would facilitate building up a strong relationship between the candidates and the company. Recruiters and the company are more often looking for unrealistic credentials that would be extremely hard to find. These unfair expectations can sometimes end up alienating a large pool of candidates that never get a chance to fully acquaint themselves with what the company is all about and what they are looking for in the resource.

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More often than not the recruitment process is only used to identify and assimilate the resource for the crafted job description. This mindset often leaves out how and what the candidate feels about the whole process. By choosing to not give any importance to a candidate’s viewpoint, the company risks forgoing significant insights that can be ascertained through the candidate’s experience of the devised recruitment process. A Candidate’s voice, if given the right platform, can act as a passionate viewpoint in embracing the culture and tradition of the company. Rhetoric from potential recruits can serve as a great motivator for other candidates to jump onboard your company’s bandwagon. Hence, allowing feedback to potential recruits or candidates is vital in improving communication in recruiting.

To further improve communication during the recruitment process, it is important that both the company and the candidate are on the same page. More often than not the recruiter does not clarify the time it would take them to get back to the candidate regarding the current process initiated. As is often the case after an initial interview, the recruiter assures the candidate that he/she would get back to the interviewed person very soon. However, the recruiter fails to communicate an expectation of what “soon” means. From the candidate’s perspective, it could mean the next day, but from recruiter’s viewpoint, it could mean next week. This disconnect greatly hampers the communication process and often is a major reason for misunderstandings during the recruitment process. In order to remove these disconnect candidates act overzealously by constantly asking the company for updates on their recruitment. In order to ensure that these misunderstandings don’t arise; it is important that both parties are aware of the timelines involved in the recruitment process.

Furnishing as many details as possible during the initial discussion can be of great help in not only improving the communication process during the recruitment but also ensuring that the candidate is well versed in what to expect from not only the company but also the potential job that he/she might end up taking. Sharing of all the relevant facts pertinent to the position ensure that the position on offer is fully clear to the candidate as to what it entails and what is expected of the resource. This clarification goes a long way in ensuring a transparent recruitment where nothing is hidden and clarify to either party whether taking the next step for each concerned is worth it or not.

These 3 considerations can play a crucial role in simplifying and greatly improving communication in the recruitment process.

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