Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System

Streamline your company’s business by efficiently managing candidates, jobs, and placements on single platform.

Candidate Management

Revolutionize your hiring process by managing the entire candidate lifecycle from receiving or adding a resume, sorting, evaluation and placement with the click of a button.

Job Management

Organize all the job orders based on score, skills, and status with single click. RecruitBPM’s one-click approach helps you swiftly matching candidates with new role.

Resume Parsing and Advanced Search

Find top candidates using storm search based on keywords, skills, university, location within resumes to locate and secure the perfect fit to your job requirement.

Social Recruiting / Job Posting

Social Recruiting / Job Posting

Utilize the most highly trafficked social platforms to reach and engage the highest number of potential decision makers, and passive candidates.

Social Engagement

Engage huge number of candidates directly through social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to get the most desirable match for your job order.

Job Opportunity Posting

Post the jobs to business social channels and other job sites to get maximum reach and route thousands of job seekers around the world.Intuitive interface helps to post and advertise the jobs faster.

Reach Millions of Candidates

Facilitates candidates to easily apply to the jobs by using their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Now you can expand the reach to company pages, newsfeeds, communities and groups simultaneously.



Enhance your company’s sales productivity and strengthen corporate relationships with key decision makers.

Contact Management

Personalize and track contacts communication, from emails to meetings to job orders, making it easier to maintain long-term relationships.

Calendar & Scheduling

Effortlessly sync and access with your calendar to schedule and organize notes, meetings,interviews and follow-ups from your device.

Email Integration

Integrate with Email platform to link up all sent/received emails of individuals to maintain a detailed list of all interactions. Use customizable bulk email templates to speed up routine communication. While, parsing a signature ensures correct contact information in the system.

Career Portal

Career Portal

Create remarkable first impression with mobile-friendly career page to ensure reaching maximum number of candidates, and let them easily apply on latest job listings.

Post Jobs

Post current job openings to multiple job boards (i.e. Monster, Dice, Indeed etc.) to create best talent pool of suitable candidates.

Applicant Access

Get the attention of passive candidates from your company career portal by letting them register with you using their LinkedIn or Facebook account.

Career Page

Build customized company’s career page using RecruitBPM portal to post jobs by location and title, etc. with enhanced branding.

Customized Security Access

Customized Security Access

Let you maintain different levels of access for diverse users- ensuring every person can utilize the system and its functions for exactly what they need while securing the confidentiality.

User Management

Manage all your users in your RecruitBPM account, deactivate users who are no longer part of your team or the company account.

Role-Based Security

Easily provide access to different users based on their role and ensure data is accessible to users based on the organization’s hierarchy.

Hiring Manager Access

Providing customized access for the hiring managers to show only the information they need and let them perform key tasks.

Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Get a high level view of your company’s progress updated in real time through accessing multiple interactive dashboard, graphical reports and analytics.

Recruiting Analytics

Quickly view workflow of individual submissions, team statistics, and company sourcing summaries. Identify the inefficiencies and use the analytics to track improvements.

Canned Reporting

Flexibly formattable reports to gain valuable insight into applicant pool, how they arrived at your site, how long it took you to fill your openings and much more.

Detailed Submission / Placement / Applicant Overview

See what candidate was submitted to which client for each particular job order and what average time it takes to move a candidate from sourced/applied to any stage in the candidate pipeline.

Mobile Recruiting

Mobile Recruiting

Access your valuable data of RecruitBPM ATS/CRM from anywhere on the go to recruit flexibly. Now you can assess candidate profiles, check interview schedule, conclude scorecards and communicate with candidates straight from your mobile.

Contact/ Job Order/ Candidate Management

RecruitBPM is mobile optimized to let you analyze your data, connect with your contacts or candidates and track your progress from everywhere.

iPad™ Supported Web Interface

Get the most of RecruitBPM on your iPad with our responsive web UI, and manage your daily activities or access required details comfortably during corporate meetings and interviews.

RecruitBPM iPhone™ App

Connect with your most important RecruitBPM contacts or hunt the most fitting candidates with our iPhone App. Click the badge to get RBPM on the App Store™ (For Customers Only)

Microsoft Office 365/ Google Integration

Microsoft Office 365/ Google Integration

Simply enter your email credentials in the simple setup process and start syncing your emails and calendar appointments automatically into RecruitBPM for quick access.


View and access important information on contacts, orders and candidates from directly within the Microsoft Office 365 email inbox.

Email Integration API

Seamlessly track and sync all your contact and candidate emails from Microsoft Office 365 or Gmail without wasting time on clicks for effective communication.

Calendar Appointment Syncing API

Automatically create the calendar appointments and send an Outlook or Google Calendar invites to your important contacts or candidates.

RecruitBPM is a free applicant tracking system and end-to-end recruitment management platform that helps companies optimize their hiring process. See why we're one of the top applicant tracking systems.

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